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Our Vision

In the construction sector which we are active since 1996, while serving with buildings with international standards and keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest; we sustained the feature of being reputable and a brand which has always preferred.

Our Mission

With applying our investment policy which has shaped in the basis of being pioneer and making difference, providing service with a institutive quality understanding which has established in the frame of using the modern technology, expert human resources, background information and experience, Acting with the understanding that the profitability can be achieved through quality in the long term, Contributing to the improvement of the sectors we are in and of the economy under any circumstances,Providing the sustainability as a company which is reliable for every subject.


  • As Halken, by continuously upgrading our quality, meeting our clients needs and expectations or even raising these expectations establishes our main “Quality Policy”. With this approach, all necessary factors are explained to each of our employees and explained to them and keeping the quality at the highest level is provided accordingly.
  • Essential principles applied by us while reaching this success are;
  • By serving with qualified personnel in every project and using the materials which are appropriate to our country we combine best craftsmanship with best material and provide the best service,
  • Providing our clients to work with us by raising the customer satisfaction,
  • Acting in accordance with all rules and standards related with our area,
  • Basing the quality understanding on the basis of science,
  • Increasing the client portfolio by improving the company efficiency and product quality,
  • By setting complete satisfaction as an aim, adopting client focused improvement strategy,Providing the clients special solutions and opportunities which can even be above their expectations with a team who are experts on service and production.