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Halken İskele Gardens Apartment Complex

Halken İskele Gardens Apartment Complex


Our apartment complex is located on Bahçeler Road, which is one of the busiest roads of Iskele and it has a beautiful view. The building has 5 shops with mezzanine on the ground floor, 12 apartments (3+1, on the 4th floor) and 1 apartment (2+1). With its advantageous location close to İskele Police Directorate, İskele Court and many more public office, our apartment complex provides many benefits for its residents.

Just like our other project we highly considered the comfort of our customers in this project which includes double glazing aluminium glasses, rooms with large cabinets, large balconies, rooms with French balconies, elevator, parking garage and many other properties.

With its reasonable price and as a chance for an inviting investment, don’t miss our project!

On the Main Road, 4 Shops with Mezzanine and 1 Shop without Mezzanine

125 m2

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Cloakroom at the Entrance
  • Large Cabinets
  • Double Glazing Aluminium
  • Ceramic and Parquet Options for Floor
  • Guest Bathroom
  • Wide and Spacious Balcony
  • Rooms and Livingroom with French Balcony
  • Elevator